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Titre: مقصورة حازم القرطاجني و مضمونها و تشكيلها الجمالي
Auteur(s): رواق دحو, حورية
Mots-clés: حازم القرطاجني
مقصورة حازم القرطاجني
التشكيل الجمالي
المستوى الصوتي
التشكيل المعجمي
البنیة التركیبیة
Date de publication: 2010
Editeur: UB1
Résumé: Despite the advent of Carthage, a firm in the prosperity of others of Arab culture in Morocco and Andalusia his name was associated with masterpieces of art criticism and literature in the history of Moroccan Arab, the two books "Platform SE and eloquent writers" and a collection of cultures between the literary and philosophical, and "Almaksura" that opposed the limited Ibn Duraid. It extended the number of revenge thousand and six. And familiar with the wonders of this lengthy saga of the capacity to know Nazationa Arab heritage in poetry and systems came as the meanings of poetry and many responded to the year of their poets: Nsiba, and praise, description, and enthusiasm, and wisdom, and history. He also said the right of the contemporary, Ibn Rashid: «Sea eloquent writers and ink, with tests of speed, great inventions do not know of anyone who we received the collection of information collected tongue, and wiser than Maaked informed statement of what caused the movable and innovator, and the rhetoric is fresh sea , and unique to carry its flag in the East and the West ». It is strange being overwhelmed and inundated with Nazationa forgotten skill and high like the author. And limited firm involved with other compartments in the side of formal oppositions being one of the Almtoulat, characterized by the length and abundance of the purposes and meanings, and the quality of artistic construction, which we presented it, in our study in chapter II by explaining the contents, as well as in chapter III and IV through streamlined the levels of expression in the cabin (for crude and sophisticated and photography), without neglecting the rhythmic music and a special musical Orjosp filled with images of external and internal, which offered him in the last chapter of the study. All of this was behind by more than Achtharh Achtharh the rest of his hair, which made many critics praising its ancient and modern, it is ancient, the judge Imam Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Ahmad Ahlgrenati which explained and evacuated the secrets of the pros, he said in the introduction to his commentary, "unblocking Hidden from the cabin pros ":« I reflected as the sole limited Imam Abu Hazim al- Hasan ibn Muhammad ibn Hasan ibn Hazim Ansari Carthage Olviha gathered to illegal acts of charity, and include Ovannin of the statement, include the benefits from the knowledge of the tongue, attesting to the origin Antzmth including an oddity of sorts, characterized by the wonders of creativity, it is a former field, and the holder of tuft Betting ». It is modern Mahdi Allam, who praised her, Hazim, who said that he has stood by what did not inform him before or after the poet Almqsurien, has earned so that the booths would be a professor in this kind of systems would al-Hariri in the standings. Has revealed to us through the cabin of our study of a group of critical views had been called to in the exactitude of such as the building of the text as (start-up ingenuity, good disposal and the magnificent conclusion). Altsoem with the phenomenon of private cabin as the vehicle of the poems, as well as the phenomenon that Althadjil means decorating the late paintings to remain and continue to influence. As well as diversification in the way because he sees it, aiming for beauty. Finally, if the reader finds the cabin is clear that affectation in manufacturing and decoration because it was established in opposition, also said the same firm, and that was like all the compartments, but limited to a firm conclusion, marked on the other, including receiver to pull in one way or another, which saw critics of the old Recently, as noted above.
Collection(s) :Langue, littèrature arabes et des arts

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