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Titre: البناء الفني في القصيدة الشعبية الجزائرية
Autre(s) titre(s): منطقة شمال الصحراء أنموذجا
1950 -1850
Auteur(s): قنشوبة, أحمد
Mots-clés: البنية
البناء الفني
الشعر الشعبي العربي
الشعرالشعبي الجزائري
القصيدة الشعبية الجزائرية
الشعر الملحون
منطقة شمال الصحراء الجزائرية (الجلفة، الأغواط، بريان في غرداية، عين كرمس في تيارت، ورقلة، سيدي خالد في بسكرة)
الجزائر (1850-1950)
مكونات القصيدة
النقد العربي القديم
النقد العربي الحديث
متن الرسالة
شعراء المتن
قصائد شعر المتن
Date de publication: 2008
Editeur: UB1
Résumé: The Algerian popular poem , espicially that of the sahara , is a type of poem which has to be given more importans in terms of studying and collecting . During many previous years , many famous poets always tried to develop it , and this gave them special honour and respect among people . In addition , they became popular . Thus , one of the aims of this thesis is to study the causes of this popularity and the social power that the poems carry. We also found it important to focus on searching for problematical question of how the poetic elements and the artistic structure can be found in the corpuscle which collected , through concentrating on important elements . This latter is used to form the poem . They are : - The elements structuring the poem starting with the intonation , the rhythm and the rhyme , and finishing with the unity that characterised it . - The structure of the poetic image with all its rhetorical forms such as comparison , metonymy , metaphor , and in terms of its modern view without neglecting the symbolic image and its roles . - The phenomen of intertextuality with its various moral , historic and religious types .
Collection(s) :Langue, littèrature arabes et des arts

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